Manitoba Provincial Handgun Association


  An Overview of What We Do:

The MPHA is the coordinating body which represents MPHA approved disciplines of handgun shooting in Manitoba.

The President and Directors are all volunteers who bring experience (competition, management, coaching, officiating) at the Provincial, National, Discipline, and Club levels. The Board mandate is to oversee the distribution of funds to responsibly and effectively promote the handgun sport.

Each Discipline is represented by an appointed representative. Discipline Representatives play an important role in the link between the Association and the grass root, recreation and elite shooters in their respective Handgun Disciplines.

By virtue of membership, Club and independent members enjoy affordable and reliable liability insurance.

Programs and Services:
Instructional And Training

"Elite" Athlete Clinics
Introductory, Intermediate & Advanced Programs

Manitoba Team Sport
Travel Funding
Tournament Sponsorship

Sanctioned Competitions
Health & Safety

Informative Website:

Support athlete development.

Support sanctioned competition, camps and clinics.

Increase participation & competition.

Manage operations in a fiscally responsible manner.

The Manitoba Provincial Handgun Association shall provide opportunity for, as well as actively promote and support, effective programming for handgun athletes, coaches and officials affiliated with the MPHA so that they may learn, practice and develop expertise in the sport of handgun shooting, within the parameters essential for effective handgun sport development.

Standards which enable members to participate in quality initiatives which are verifiably safe and improve the value of the handgun sport in the Province of Manitoba.

Equity and fairness are impartially maintained and actively encouraged in all handgun sport disciplines.

Members are respected and included.

The Association is operated in an honorable, responsible and respectable manner.


Manitoba Provincial Handgun Association